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After the 340 photobooks were sold out, we received many requests for resale. We will start resale. Shipping will begin on March 1, 2021. Due to the influence of COVID, the shipping situation overseas is changing every day. Please contact us before ordering to see if it can be shipped. Thank you. Then you can buy it overseas (other than Japan). This product is for overseas (except Japan). It is for overseas people who want to support my crowdfunding. 210×297 size 64 pages photo book. I (@ojitoole) shot and she (@ riccco99) is shown. This is a photo book that combines photos of me and Riccco for two years. This is the first photo book to hold our photo exhibition, starting on September 15, 2020. Added September 7, 2020. Ships within 10 days of purchase. For many buyers this can take 10 days or more. Due to the effects of coronavirus, shipping from Japan to overseas is delayed. Shipping to the US only by sea (2-3 months before shipping) Please tell us your country before purchasing. Check if I can deliver. As of April 1, 2020, shipping areas are Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Palau, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. For other regions, please contact me before purchasing. Thank you for visiting here. For those not in Japan We launched a crowdfunding campaign to hold a photo exhibition in Japan. This campaign did not accept backers from those outside of Japan, therefore we created a website so that those outside of Japan could also purchase and enjoy our photographs. Below we have posted a translation of the details of the crowdfunding campaign and our “hopes and dreams” behind this project. Hello! I’m Hidefumi Motooka, and I am a certified care worker doing photography activities in Hiroshima. It has been 4 years since I took up the camera and started posting my photographs on Instagram. History and background As I started posting my photos on Instagram, I had the opportunity to do model photoshoots at beauty salons, portrait shots, family photographs, profile photos, and be the photographer for events, weddings etc. In September of 2018, I resigned from my job as a care worker to focus on becoming a freelance professional photographer. Through a variety of different photoshoots, I received many “thank you’s” from my clients. Some people encouraged me saying, “you’ve got what it takes as a photographer, you’ll do great.” That would make me happy, while at the same time, I had an inner conflict, wondering if things were truly fine as is. As a result, in a short matter of 10 months I closed business as a photographer and returned to my job as a care worker. What changed after becoming a professional photographer My biggest mistake was the fee I set for photoshoots. Some of the cheaper plans were less than 10,000 yen. 10,000 yen is not a small amount. However, if you consider all the costs and many tasks of travel, the photoshoot itself, editing, ordering the prints etc., the balance of workload and the reward was self-destructive. The photography that I thought I liked started becoming more and more of a struggle and I ended up having a mental breakdown. Around that time, I begun to strongly feel that receiving money in my state to do a photoshoot was rude to my clients and so I started turning down requests. Soon after, I quit being professional photographer. After I quit being a professional photographer After I went back to be a care worker, and started receiving a stable salary again, my mental state recovered to where I could little by little admit to the mistakes I had made. And then I remembered. I had said that I wanted to do a solo exhibitionー When I used to post on Instagram without a care, just because I loved it, I used to imagine what it would be like to one day have my photographs on display. I’d wonder what sort of people would come, imagine their expression as they gazed at the prints, and think, “I’d love to see them with my own eyes. I’d love to hear their reaction. I’d love to meet them.” And yet…why had I still not done it? I recalled that it’s because I’ve always had this dream, that even while I was a photographer, even when I didn’t have work, I’d still take photos for this purpose. I was able to continue just because I loved it, and I was able to meet a lot of people through taking portrait photos. This is a valuable thing. I can no longer say with pride that “I am a photographer”, however, I want to treasure each encounter and experience I had. My thoughts about the solo photo exhibition When I started out as a professional photographer in August 2018, I worked on creating a photobook as part of my portfolio to use for sales. This was a portfolio with multiple models. When I went around to sell myself to different stores and businesses, I’d often get reactions like, “This girl is cute” or “I like this one better” which surprised me. More than the photo itself, people showed interest in the actual person in the photo. That came first, before interest in a photoshoot. Originally, I had thought I’d get better results by having variety in the people I took photos of. But after receiving these reactions from prospective clients, I began to think that maybe by going deeper with one person would draw out greater interest--in the subject, and in the photo portrait itself. My ideal for this exhibition became to show these “photos that go deep” After shooting these deeper photos Around the time I started envisioning this in my mind, I received a request for a photoshoot from a certain girl. She said she wanted to me to take portrait photos. This was Ricco. After doing a few shoots, she listened to this ideal vision of mine. I told her that besides doing photoshoots for work, I’m also aiming to hold a photo exhibition. And that for that exhibition, I want to appoint only one model. The photoshoots will need to be over time, because I want to take photographs that go deep into that person. That I would take photos in almost any situation. That I wanted to ask her to do it. From this day begun my and Ricco’s photoshoots for this photo exhibition. Expressions of joy. Expressions of anger. Expressions of sorrow. Happy expressions. I took countless photos of all the expressions. All those emotions were real. She let it all out, and accepted everything, and we captured that in the photographs. Even when work didn’t go well, even when I decided to close my business as a photographer, we continued with these shoots. And we are continuing these even now. It’s slow, but I was able to make steps towards realizing the ideals I envisioned. There are people who supported me in holding a photo exhibition One could say, I am “a photographer with shattered dreams”. I’m someone who “gave up” on becoming a professional photographer. Why could I not give up on having this “photo exhibition”? That is because there existed people who encouraged me. Until now, I have tried only once to give up on this dream of a photo exhibition. More accurately, then I tried to give up on camera itself. Anyone could hold a photo exhibition. It’s not anything special. There are many photographers who are way better than me. I couldn’t continue it as a profession because I don’t have talent. When I was near crushed by these words, there are people who encouraged me. People whose faces I don’t know, people who I’ve never even met, but I know that without a doubt I was encouraged by those people’s words, which brought me here today. The word that saved me was the simple word “like”. People who said they “like” our photographs. It’s a very simple, yet piercing word. It’s true that anyone could hold a photo exhibition. But the photo exhibition I want to do will only be held if I do it. It may not hugely change my life, but it is an important step for me. There are better photographers out there, but the only person who can take the photos that I want to take is me. Liking something so much may at times even exceed talent. Each person’s words of “like” is what encouraged me on and brought me to launching this project. Thank you so much. What I hope to achieve through this project Through this exhibition, through displaying the photos taken from 2018 until now that go deep with one human being, I want to meet the people who have supported and been a fan of our photos until now. I want to feel in my soul the potential portrait photos have that has allowed me to continue with this feeling of “like”. For those who cannot come to the photo exhibition, I want to create a photo collection and deliver it to them. I want to do something that people can enjoy safely, even during the threat of Corona virus. 
 I received a message from the model Ricco, so I would like to post it as I received it
 Hello I’m Ricco. Thank you for always looking at our photos. It’s because of the people who looked at our photos, liked them or commented on them, that it helped me realize my own growth, or get ideas for the next shoot and continue until now. Looking back on the photos, in 2018 when we first started, I think I looked quite anxious. I didn’t know what the right answer was, or even what was important to me- now I can see that it was a vague anxiety. Through these photo shoots, I was able to interact with many people. And thanks to that, little by little I was able to learn more about who I am as a person and what is important to me. These photos taken by Hide-san and I are all the real me, undecorated, as is. That’s exactly why every photo has a story that comes with it. There are emotions that only I as the subject know about. I’d like to be able to share those with you at this solo exhibition. I’d also be curious to know if the way you see the photos change after hearing my talk. I would be delighted if you will continue this journey with us, through Hide-san’s photos and watch me grow. Our crowdfunding campaign ran from April 3rd-May 30th. The photo exhibition will be held on September 15th -20th. (If you support this initiative/If any part of this initiative moved you, )we would love for you to purchase our photo collection. Thank you!