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「Collector's Selection」シリアルナンバー#CS020 写真展ひとり、ふたり展に展示したプリントと同じ写真専用印画紙を使用したA4サイズの裏打ち加工済みの銀塩プリント、Collector's Selection。 写真のイメージカラーを背景にあしらったマッチングバックと1枚1枚に個別のシリアルナンバーを付与。被写体·撮影者の署名を添えた世界に1枚だけの写真作品。 『特徴』 写真集では伝えることの難しい「写真としてのプリント」銀塩プリントによる質感をお楽しみ頂けます。 『印画紙』 今回の販売分の印画紙には、極限まで反射を抑えた無光沢紙のディープマット紙を採用し、しっとりとした高級感を演出。反射を極限まで抑える事により光源の影響を気にする事なく写真を鑑賞する事が可能です。 『裏打ち加工』 裏打ちシートを写真に貼り付け、写真の波打ちを防ぐ事により写真の平滑性を保ち写真作品の美しさを維持します。 通常販売分は現在在庫のある1枚のみですが、併せて受注製作も随時承ります。受注製作の場合、こちらの商品ページに掲載の写真イメージをプリントしシリアルナンバーを更新したものをお届け致します。(注意·シリアルナンバー·別の写真イメージの指定は出来ませんのでご了承の上お買い求め下さい。)受注製作の受付期間は販売開始から約1ヶ月程度です。 【発送までの流れ】 通常販売分/発送 ご購入日翌日〜3日以内に発送手続き 受注製作分/発送 ご購入後3週間〜4週間後に発送手続き (プリント用データ制作、銀塩プリント発注、銀塩プリント到着後、裏打ち加工) 注文数多数の場合、納期はこの限りではありません。 裁断する際に2mm〜3mm程プリントにバラつきが生じる場合がございます。 (Tracking codes are currently not available for shipments to the US, Australia and Canada. If you are unsure of the shipping charges to your country, please contact us by email. The explanation in English is written after the product introduction in Japanese. Since it may not be possible to ship due to the influence of covid-19, please contact us once before purchasing if you wish to ship overseas.) Sheet photo "Collector's Selection" serial number # CS020 Collector's Selection is a 297 x 210 size silver halide print that uses the same photo-specific photographic paper as the prints exhibited at the photo exhibition alone and two. A matching back with the image color of the photo as the background and an individual serial number are given to each one. Only one photographic work in the world with the signature of the model / photographer. "Features" You can enjoy the texture of "print as a photograph" silver halide print, which is difficult to convey in a photo book. "Photographic paper" For the photographic paper sold this time, deep matte paper, which is a matte paper that suppresses reflection to the utmost limit, is used to create a moist and luxurious feel. By suppressing the reflection to the utmost limit, you can appreciate the photos without worrying about the influence of the light source. "Backing" By attaching a backing sheet to the photo and preventing the photo from wavy, the smoothness of the photo is maintained and the beauty of the photo work is maintained. Normally, only one piece is currently in stock, but we can also make to order at any time. In the case of build-to-order manufacturing, we will print the photo image posted on this product page and deliver the updated serial number. (Caution, serial number, and another photo image cannot be specified before purchasing.)The made-to-order acceptance period is about one month from the start of sales. [Flow until shipping] Regular sale / shipping Shipping procedure within 3 days from the day after purchase Made-to-order / shipping Shipping procedure 3-4 weeks after purchase (Data production for print, order for silver halide print, processing of backing sheet after arrival of silver halide print) In the case of a large number of orders, the delivery date is not limited to this. When cutting, the print may vary by about 2 mm to 3 mm.